Hot Stone Restorative Yoga

an invitation to release, receive and reset

In this special two hour restorative yoga class, you will be guided through supportive postures to help relax into presence, release physical tension and reset your nervous system.  The use of props such as bolsters, blankets and straps help to make this soothing practice accessible to everyone, with or without previous yoga experience.  You will be supported by two instructors throughout your practice, as hot stones are carefully placed upon the body to provide a deeply restorative experience. Held within the intimate setting of Espace Revêrie, spaces are limited to 8 participants.

A medical waiver (for hot stone use) will be required for conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, neuropathy, skin conditions, recent surgery and anyone undergoing cancer treatment.


Energetic exchange: 44$ per person.


Sunday May 12th 2024
7:00pm to 9:00pm


Espace Revêrie
49A Donegani, Pointe-Claire, Qc
H9R 2V8


Hosted by:
Andrea Castonguay, CYA-MT & RYT-200